How does the 401(k) industry
really make their money?

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It's YOUR Money, Not Theirs!

Let's rescue America's retirement plans! Employees deserve and should demand an employee-centric plan which eliminates brokers, investment commissions, excessive fees and proprietary products which are more profitable for the plan provider. Employees deserve to have equal access to the same ultra low cost (index) funds (the same ones that typically perform the best over time) regardless of how much they have to invest or the size of the company they work for.

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HBO's John Oliver slams the 401(k) industry in this brilliant "must watch" clip

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What Is The True Price of YOUR 401(k) Plan?

This represents the total annual investment costs including the management expenses of the mutual funds, broker commissions and other asset based charges etc (this does not include other 3rd party cost that may be present in certain plans).*

How did we calculate this?

This graph represents an average cost based on a random sampling of fee disclosures obtained by America's Best 401k from the named providers

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How Much Do Fees Really Matter?

David, Tyler and Joe, all have $100,000 to invest. All 3 receive the same investment return of 8% BUT they are paying annual fees of 1%, 2%, and 3% respectively.

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It's Not Just Our Opinion

"The goal of the nonprofessional should not be to pick winners—neither he nor his "helpers" can do that—but should rather be to own a cross section of businesses that in aggregate are bound to do well"

- Warren Buffett, The Oracle of Omaha

"Most people don't do the math, and the fees are hidden. Try this: if you made a onetime investment of $10,000 at age twenty, and, assuming 7% annual growth over time, you would have $574,464 by the time you're nearly my age 80. But, if you paid 2.5% in total management fees and other expenses, your ending account balance would only be 140,274 over that same period!"

- John Bogle, Investment Legend and Founder of Vanguard

"When you look at the results on an after-fee, after-tax basis, over reasonably long periods of time, there's almost no chance that you end up beating the index fund."

- David Swensen, author of Unconventional Success and manager of Yale's Endowment

"The corrosive power of fine print and buried fees can eat away like a chronic illness at a person's savings."

- Secretary Thomas Perez, Head of Department of Labor

Employees of Small 401(k) Plans Pay More.
How Is That Fair?

Average Cost

Plans under
$1 Million

Plans with
over $5 Million

Plans with over $100 Million
(i.e. Fortune 500 Companies)

What Can YOU Do About It?